Enrollments are now closed but please

Enrollments are now closed but please

Let's Make 2025 The Best Year Yet For Your Music!

MPW's Master Your Music Full Year Program

Here are all the details for the full “Master Your Music” Program. To access, simply click the Download Now button below now:

Next Step - Book a Meeting with our Team!

Given that we have limited capacity on the program, and to ensure that we continue to maintain our highest standards, we want to make sure that you are as committed to your success as we are to you. So when enrollments open you will have an opportunity to apply for a place by booking a meeting with our team where:

  • We will get to know you, your musical vision and what you want to achieve
  • We’ll talk about our 3 levels of membership and which is right for you
  • And we will also happily answer any other questions you may have

So if you want the best chance to secure a place on the course, please join the waitlist below.

If you would like to fast track your application, please fill in the Application Form and email it to

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1: Is "Blog Now" suitable for beginners or only for experienced bloggers?

"Blog Now" is perfect for bloggers at any stage of their journey, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. The book provides easy-to-understand explanations and step-by-step instructions that cater to all skill levels. If you're just starting, you'll find a solid foundation to build upon, and if you're an experienced blogger, you'll discover advanced strategies to take your blog to new heights.

#2: How quickly can I expect to see results after implementing the strategies in "Blog Now"?

The time it takes to see results may vary based on factors such as your niche, the quality of your content, and the consistency of your efforts. However, many readers of "Blog Now" have reported significant improvements in traffic and income within just a few weeks of implementing the strategies outlined in the book. Keep in mind that blogging is a long-term endeavor, and success requires dedication and persistence. With consistent effort and the right strategies in place, you can expect to see positive results over time.

#3: Can I really make a full-time income from blogging using ClickFunnels?

Absolutely! ClickFunnels is a powerful platform that enables bloggers to create highly converting sales funnels, automate their marketing efforts, and generate consistent income. "Blog Now" covers everything you need to know about leveraging ClickFunnels to monetize your blog effectively. By following the strategies and techniques shared in the book, countless bloggers have turned their passion into a full-time income source. While results may vary, with dedication, persistence, and the right strategies, you too can achieve your blogging dreams!

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